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Spring Online Exhibition 2024 Submissions

Wednesday 1st May – Sunday 31st May 2024

Saffron Walden Art Society is delighted to announce their second Online Exhibition.  You are invited to take part, and we are now calling for submissions which presents a very exciting opportunity for artists

There is no cost for submitting pictures and no commission for any sales


  • Submissions: from NOW
  • Submission deadline: midnight 19th April 2024
  • Exhibition (Online) opening: midday Wednesday 1st May 2024
  • Exhibition closes: midnight 31st May 2024


  • Artists are invited to submit up to artworks, preferably recent. 
  • Work may include: paintings, drawings, mixed media, limited prints, (if a digital print the last must be clearly labelled as not an original work).
  • Dimensions: as the works will be exhibited online dimension limits do not apply.
  • All works must be for sale and meet the SWAS Standards
  • All artists must be SWAS members for 2024/25


  • Email photographs of your artwork to Karen Carr, Media & Marketing Secretary at [email protected]
  • Include the following details for each of your artworks
    • Title
    • Medium
    • Sale price
    • State if work is framed, unframed or mounted 
    • Dimensions in cm (including frame as appropriate)
    • Contact telephone number 
  • Email a good quality photograph of each artwork. 
  • Smartphone photographs are perfectly acceptable, but for best results, use daylight.
  • If your picture is framed or mounted be sure to include this in the photograph.


If you have difficulty taking photographs of your art whilst in the frame because of reflection problems.  Below are a few tips that may help you.  These have come from SWAS members, Bishops Stortford Art Society online exhibition organiser, and other artists.

  • Use indirect light, not bright sunlight.
  • If possible, remove the glass from framed paintings, otherwise try and have a dark wall behind the camera to reduce the reflections.
  • Pick a wall out of direct light seems to be the best way.
  • In my hall way away from windows, but still light. also, if you lay it flat somewhere
  • You still need to have good light. But it needs to be filtered light.
  • I kept moving them round the room down on the carpet till there was no reflection. I found it better from above 
  • Use the highest quality settings on your camera, mobile phone, or flatbed scanner.
  • Leave a gap around the artwork.

Also take note of last suggestion, leaving a gap around artwork, this allows for cropping around the image, to keep the work looking straight when putting on the online gallery page.

If you still require help with any online submission difficulties, please contact Karen Carr, organiser, by emailing an account of the problem you are experiencing to [email protected]

When interest from a potential buyer is received by the Organiser, via email, contact details of the buyer will be forwarded to the appropriate artist.  From this point SWAS are no longer involved in the process.
The artist will get in touch directly with the potential buyer and agree sale, payment method, (Bacs, cash or cheque) and delivery arrangements. 
Once a sale has been agreed, the artist must inform the organiser via email so a red dot can be displayed on the artwork. Sold works will remain online until the exhibition closes on 31st May 2024  Sold work cannot be replaced with new work.  

If you submit work, please help the society to advertise/promote the event.  SWAS will post from their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts as much as possible but it is important that members also help to spread the word. This can be done by copying and sending out the exhibition link, and sharing on our social media platforms eg Facebook and Instagram, also your own websites.  

Posters will also be produced and available for distribution.  


Documents below are for information and once opened can be saved to your computer/laptop and/or printed.  Click on the link in pink.

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